College Holiday Policy

Staff in regular or term positions working at least half-time are eligible for paid holidays.
Staff in Dining Services, Health Center, Library, Heating Plant, Children’s Center and Security should contact their supervisors about the specific holidays taken in their departments.

Below is the calendar of college holidays (click the right arrow to view future months).

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In addition to these holidays, the college provides one floating holiday that may be used at the employee’s discretion. It will not carry forward into the next fiscal year and is forfeited if unused. Use of this holiday should be arranged in advance.

*The College is officially closed on these days and only essential services are maintained. Employees required to work during these holidays will receive premium pay (straight time plus time and one-half for hours worked).

**The College remains in operation during these holidays, but administrative offices may close or curtail services. Employees working during these holidays will receive an alternate day off to be taken within the fiscal year.

Holiday Scheduling

Holidays that fall during an employee’s vacation will be treated as a holiday.

Holidays falling on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays that fall on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.


If Christmas falls on: Holiday is observed on:
Sunday Friday and Monday
Monday or Tuesday Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday Tuesday and Wednesday
Thursday, Friday or Saturday Thursday and Friday