Bereavement Leave

Employees in regular or term positions working at least half-time are eligible for bereavement leave.

Supervisors may grant up to three days of paid bereavement leave to employees who suffer the death of a loved one.  The Chief Human Resources Officer may approve requests for up to a total of five days for individuals who have to travel out of the region or internationally.

Bereavement leave is provided for time to grieve as well as to attend to arrangements, obligations, and funeral services. The days of leave do not need to be consecutive.

Employees may, with their supervisors’ approval, use additional paid leave as necessary to supplement bereavement leave.

There is no standard definition of a loved one, and the variable number of days is meant to capture the different circumstances an employee may experience, including their level of closeness to the deceased, the amount of travel time needed, or the level of responsibility that the employee has to take on at this time.

Your supervisor will work with you on your individual circumstances and needs to assess the duration of bereavement leave during this sensitive and challenging period of time.