Work Expectations


A socially responsible community provides a structure within which individual expression may flourish, but not such that it threatens or inhibits the rights of others. As an institution committed to excellence in both the classroom and the workplace Williams College strives to provide an environment characterized by demonstrated integrity and high ethical standards, with respect for diverse peoples, experiences, and opinions.

Members of the college community are expected to comply not only with the letter of the institution’s policies, but also with their spirit. Behavior that is counter to these principles is unacceptable. This includes actions that jeopardize the health and safety of community members, or that intrude upon their rights and freedoms. Behavior that endangers or threatens an employee’s physical safety or well-being will not be tolerated.

Attendance And Punctuality

Employees are expected to report to work regularly and on time. In those instances when an employee will be late or is unable to work as scheduled, the employee is responsible for notifying his/her supervisor prior to the start of the workday. Failure to do so or repeated abuse will result in disciplinary action. If an employee is absent for three (3) consecutive days without notifying the supervisor the employee will be assumed to have resigned from the college.