Workplace Conduct

Work Expectations

Conduct A socially responsible community provides a structure within which individual expression may flourish, but not such that it threatens or inhibits the rights of others. As an institution committed to excellence in both the classroom and the workplace Williams College strives to provide an environment characterized by demonstrated integrity… Continue reading »

Code of Conduct

Maintaining Trust: The Williams Code of Conduct Trust is the foundation on which Williams and all non-profit organizations stand. Our mission to provide the finest possible liberal arts education requires the support, financial and otherwise, of alumni, parents, friends of the college, and various levels of government. People don’t support… Continue reading »

Conflict of Interest

Disclosure Form When requested, please complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. Policy The Conflict of Interest Policy requires an annual disclosure form to be completed and filed annually with the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Operations by members of the President’s Administrative Group (“PAG”), with… Continue reading »

Confidentiality Policy

Williams College is committed to maintaining appropriate protection for all confidential and sensitive information in our custody. All College employees must assist in the effort to ensure that the college complies with applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of confidential information. In addition, beyond strict legal compliance, employees are… Continue reading »

Whistleblower Policy

Obligation to Report Suspected Violations (“Whistleblower Policy”) We are all obliged to report suspected violations of applicable laws, regulations, and policies, and of the principles expressed in this Code. The reporting of such suspicion normally should be made first through regular management channels beginning with our supervisors. If for any… Continue reading »

Drug and Alcohol Policy

In compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities amendments of 1989, the policies governing the use of drugs and alcohol at Williams College are as follows: College Standards of Conduct and Sanctions Williams prohibits the abuse of alcohol and expects members of… Continue reading »