Affirmative Action Policy

Since adopting an affirmative action policy in 1972, Williams has made a concerted effort to increase the representation of women and minorities among its faculty and staff. This program reflects the belief that a diverse faculty and staff are essential to our educational goals and is not intended merely to comply with government regulations. Designed to increase the proportion of women and members of minority groups within the various categories of employment at the college, the Williams affirmative action program specifies procedures and objectives for the appointment of new personnel. The policy is reviewed periodically and revised as necessary.

The college ensures that recruitments are advertised in a manner consistent with the procedures outlined for affirmative action policies. The college is committed to making special efforts to actively seek women and minority candidates. See also: Recruitment and Selection Guidelines.

The President has overall responsibility for the successful implementation of the affirmative action policies and programs. The Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity is appointed by and reports to the President. This officer is responsible for evaluating and articulating the college’s affirmative action policies, and for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the affirmative action program. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for implementing equal opportunity and affirmative action procedures for staff. Along with the Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity and the Vice President for Campus Life, the Director of Human Resources works to ensure that full and fair consideration is given candidates in historically underrepresented groups for staff positions at the college.

Affirmative Action Advisory Committee: The Committee consists of ten members: four of whom are appointed by the President for overlapping two-year terms and include representatives from all employee groups. Membership shall also reflect the sex, race and ethnic diversity of the college work force. The Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity, Provost, Dean of the Faculty, Vice President for Campus Life, Director of Human Resources, and Assistant Director of Human Resources are ex officio voting members.

The Committee selects its own chair from among its membership, subject to the provision that the Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity is not eligible to serve in that capacity.

The duties of the Committee include the following:

  • assisting and advising the President and Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity in the implementation of the college’s affirmative action policies and programs;
  • serving in other capacities related to affirmative action as requested by the President;
  • reviewing periodically the provisions and impact of the college’s affirmative action program including employment goals and timetables, procedures followed, and results achieved; and
  • proposing appropriate changes to the President.