Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

Disciplinary Policy & Procedures

Disciplinary Policy Unsatisfactory job performance or violations of College rules and regulations can result in disciplinary action. Supervisors are expected to deal with such situations in a timely and fair manner. In cases where unsatisfactory job performance or inappropriate workplace behavior have occurred, employees will be informed of the nature… Continue reading »

Grievance Procedures

There are two grievance procedures at the college. One is the General Grievance Procedures for Complaints of Unfair Employment Practices outlined here. The other is the Discrimination Grievance Procedures for Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. General Grievance Procedures For Complaints Of Unfair Employment Practices Williams College recognizes that problems, complaints… Continue reading »

Discrimination Grievance Procedures

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy¬† Williams College is committed to maintaining a fair and respectful environment in which all members of its community feel safe and can participate fully and grow. In compliance with state and federal law and as a matter of its own principles, the college prohibits… Continue reading »