Employee Records

Employee Files

Human Resources retains employees’ official files. These files are the property of the college. Information related to hiring, transfers, promotions, salary adjustments, disciplinary actions, grievances, and termination of employment, as well as other formal correspondence regarding employment at Williams are kept in these files.

Current employees may review their files upon request with advance notice. It is important to note that files may not be altered in any way, including adding or removing documents. If information requires updating or correction, a member of the Human Resources staff will make the change. An employee’s supervisor with a bona fide need may also review employment files. Employees and supervisors should contact the HR office to schedule a convenient time.

Benefits information, including insurance enrollment information, beneficiary designations, and documentation of medical conditions, as well as financial information,  are maintained separately and available only to HR staff as appropriate, and are not generally available to supervisors.

Releasing Information from Employment Files

The College releases some data in aggregate form for statistical reporting purposes, such as compliance with federal reporting requirements or participation in relevant surveys. Such information is not released for commercial purposes, and individual identities are not released in resulting reports. Financial information is not released to third parties such as credit bureaus or other agencies except with your written release or by court order.

If you hold a position in which you might be asked to provide information on other employees or students, see the Confidentiality Policy and Data Governance Policy.

The College publishes limited personal and job information on its campus website, including chosen name, title, departments, campus office location, campus phone number, and e-mail addresses. Employees may choose to publish their home mailing address and phone number, as well as spouse or partners name. Personal information can be withheld upon an employee’s request by contacting Human Resources.

Employee Data Changes

Employees are responsible for notifying Human Resources of any changes in personal information. Changes of name, home mailing address, telephone numbers, dependent information, emergency contacts, educational accomplishments, and other such status changes should be accurate at all times. Please notify HR as soon as possible of any changes.