Blood-borne Pathogens

Williams College is responsible for identifying employees who might be at risk because of their position. The College is required to provide awareness training for exposure to blood containing Hepatitis B virus infections. Through OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) we are required to follow 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 to address occupational exposures to these bloodborne pathogens.

To comply with this standard, employers are required to make the Hepatitis B vaccination available to all employees with job classifications that have occupational exposure unless the employee has previously received the complete Hepatitis B vaccination series.  The Hepatitis B vaccination is administered by Williams College either at the Health Center or through a College selected Doctor free of charge.  The vaccination is a series of three shots.  You would receive the first shot during your first days of employment, the second shot within 30 days and the last shot within six months.  If you decline to have this shot, you need to sign a waiver form.  These waiver forms can be obtained at the Williams College Health Center.

It is also required under the OSHA standard, that employers provide training to all employees with occupational exposure at the time of initial assignment and at least annually thereafter.  The initial training will be provided to you through the Safety and Environmental Compliance Office.  If employees that fall into these job classifications fail to attend the initial training from a health care professional within 10 days of employment, that employee will not be allowed to work until they attend the training.  The annual training will be provided to you in your department.

Williams College has written an exposure control plan in accordance with the OSHA standard.  This plan identifies the positions at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens at the college.  It also outlines the control measures in place at the college to decrease the risks of these occupational exposures.  A copy of this plan is available in your department.

Under the Williams College exposure control plan, all employees whose position generally requires direct contact with potentially infectious material, including blood, in potentially life threatening emergencies or on a regular basis are classified as category 1.  All employees whose job duties will necessitate occasional contact with potentially infectious materials, including blood, are classified as category 2.  Category 3 positions are all employee positions not specifically identified as either category 1 or category 2.  Category 1 employees are offered the Hepatitis B vaccine as well as training about bloodborne pathogens.  Employees in a category 2 position will only be offered training.

For further information, please contact the Office of Safety and Environmental Compliance .


Department                                          Positions
Athletics Diving Coach
Swimming Coach
Wrestling Coach
Student Trainer
Campus Safety and Security Campus Safety and Security Officer
Children’s Center All Staff
Facilities Athletic Grounds Crew
Mechanical Trades Technician
Health Services Clinical Aide
Nurse Practitioner
Safety and Environmental Compliance All Staff




Department                                          Positions
Athletics Coach
(other than diving, swimming & wrestling)
Equipment Manager
Lifeguard Supervisor
Dining Services All staff excluding office staff
Facilities Custodian and Grounds Crew



All employee positions not specifically named above in categories 1 and 2.