About This Handbook

This handbook is designed to provide guidance and information to administrative and support staff.  The information and policies contained here include important information about the college’s commitment to create a safe and positive work environment, to deal fairly with its employees, and to operate within both the letter and the spirit of federal and state laws.  We hope you will  familiarize yourself with its contents.

While this handbook in no way represents an employment contract, it does serve as a vehicle to communicate the general guidelines and work rules under which you are employed.

If there are oversights or errors in the drafting or publishing of this document, such mistakes do not constitute new practice or policy, and normal college practice or policy will prevail.  The college reserves the right to amend, eliminate and modify these policies from time to time at its discretion without prior notice.  Minor edits for clarity may be made without explicitly notifying employees; substantial changes will be communicated by email or through other campus wide communication channels.  While changes to the handbook are made by Human Resources, other offices may have significant oversight over the content — for instance, the Real Estate Office over the Rental Program Housing section.  We no longer maintain this handbook in print format, which enables us to make timely revisions and corrections.

While we’ve made every effort to provide detailed policies, information and guidance in this handbook, there’s no way it can be completely exhaustive or cover every circumstance.  If you have questions, suggestions, or need additional information about your employment at Williams, contact our office at 413-597-2681 or [email protected].