Military Leave

The College will observe all laws and regulations governing military service. If an employee is called to mandatory service in military National Guard, reserve training, or active Armed Forces duty, they will return to the same or a position of similar status, pay and service, unless the position has been eliminated because of economic conditions, or changes in operating conditions affecting employment have occurred during the leave. The College will, however, make every effort to reinstate the employee into a similar position. If no opening exists for which the employee is qualified the employee may be released from employment.

Arrangements for leaves should be made with as much advance notice as possible. Employees on temporary military leave for annual training will continue to receive the equivalent of full pay from the college during their leave. Employees are expected to reimburse the college the full amount of military pay received during their leave (excluding pay for housing, food and travel). Coordinate arrangements with the Payroll Manager. Contact the Benefits Office for details regarding benefit continuation.