Leaves for Professional Development Activities

The college provides the opportunity for eligible administrative staff to pursue unique opportunities that advance professional development objectives consistent with their position. In some instances, these opportunities require staff to be away from work for an extended period of time. It is anticipated these absences could be more than a few days, but are not expected to last more than a few weeks.

This policy firmly reflects the college’s commitment to enhanced overall performance and growth through the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and experiences.  The purpose is to provide staff who have exceptional or extraordinary learning opportunities not otherwise available through professional development plans related to the position. These enhanced experiences must directly benefit the college in some valued, tangible way and be recommended by the employee’s supervisor for approval.

Full-time staff with at least five years of consecutive service who are in good standing based upon documented performance evaluations are eligible to apply for professional development support.

Application Process:

  • Submission of a specific description of the planned professional development experience that includes:
    • A detailed written outline of the purpose, content, and time frame for the experience, with an explanation of the extraordinary nature of this proposal, compared with normal, expected professional development experiences.
    • An operational plan for how the work will be covered during any absence of the employee and how any additional costs, if any, would be funded; and
    • A summary of the benefits to the employee, the department, and the college.
  • Applications must be endorsed by the department head and approved by the relevant senior staff member.
  • Both documents will be submitted to Danielle Gonzalez, Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer will review the proposal, discuss it with the department head, and review it with the Vice President for Finance and Operations for final decision.