Staff who decide to leave the college are expected to submit a letter of resignation as soon as possible upon notifying the supervisor of the decision to resign. Hourly staff is expected to give at least two weeks written notice. Salaried staff is expected to give at least one month written notice. This is to allow the department time to plan for the transition with minimal disruption.

The notice of resignation period is a working notice, and should not include extended vacation periods. The resignation date should be the last day worked. Accrued, unused vacation will be added to the final paycheck. There is no payout for personal, sick, or floating holiday time.

Employees leaving the college are encouraged to contact the Benefits Office in Human Resources to discuss the status and disposition of employee benefits including the mortgage and tuition grant benefits. Staff leaving the college and whose employer-sponsored benefits end as a result may be able to continue their insured benefits coverage at their own cost for a defined period under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1986. For more information, see Extending Health-Related Benefits Under COBRA .