Procedures for Separating

This checklist is provided for supervisors and employees. There are many things to consider when leaving employment whether in retirement or when resigning.

  1. Prepare resignation letter for supervisor with a copy to Human Resources
    *Letter should include last day worked
  2. Call or schedule an appointment with a member of the Benefits Office
  3. Please return any and all of the following as they may apply:
    • Keys (return to supervisor, return to Lock Shop)
    • ID card (supervisor to return to Campus Safety and Security)
    • College purchasing and/or credit card (supervisor return to the Controller’s Office)
    • Communications devices (smart phones, radios, etc.)
    • Department equipment (laptop, tools, electronic devices, etc.)
    • Uniforms
    • Reference manuals
    • Any outstanding work
    • Library materials
    • Settle financial accounts i.e., faculty club charges, mortgage program
    • Set agreed upon absence message for voice mail
    • Determine personal access and agreed upon absence message for email and netware accounts with supervisor

Exit Interviews

The Office of Human Resources offers employees resigning or retiring the opportunity to schedule an exit interview prior to the last day. The purpose of the exit interview is to share with Human Resources information about an employee’s experiences and working conditions during employment at the college. The information shared will be completely confidential.