Supervisors should consult with their department head and with Human Resources before discharging a member of the staff. Discharge for failure to meet performance expectations or for misconduct should be documented in accordance with established College guidelines for performance improvement counseling and progressive discipline as appropriate. Disciplinary Policy and… Continue reading »

Procedures for Separating

This checklist is provided for supervisors and employees. There are many things to consider when leaving employment whether in retirement or when resigning. Prepare resignation letter for supervisor with a copy to Human Resources *Letter should include last day worked Call or schedule an appointment with a member of… Continue reading »


Staff who decide to leave the college are expected to submit a letter of resignation as soon as possible upon notifying the supervisor of the decision to resign. Hourly staff is expected to give at least two weeks written notice. Salaried staff is expected to give at least one month… Continue reading »

Retirement Eligibility

Those considering retirement should contact the benefits staff in Human Resources to discuss benefits coverage. Planning for retirement is an important decision and should be made with as much information as possible. It can also take time to set in motion, we encourage individuals to reach out and start planning… Continue reading »

Unemployment Insurance

The College is required to provide unemployment insurance coverage to its employees and they are entitled, under the conditions of the law in Massachusetts, to its benefits. The College pays the total cost of this insurance. Continue reading »