Hours and Schedules

The standard workweek hours and schedules for full time employees vary from department to department and are based on the need of any particular department to provide support services to the campus. Within and around these schedules and dependent upon the needs of the department, employees may be required to work nights and weekends as requested.

The standard workweek for full time administrative staff (exempt employees) is 40 hours, with the exception of Library staff. These employees receive salaries rather than hourly pay and are expected to work outside of the standard schedule as needed.

Department Standard Workweek Standard Daily Hours Standard Schedule
most support staff (non-exempt) in academic and administrative offices 35 or 40 7 or 8 8:30-4:30
college libraries (non-exempt and exempt) 37.5 7.5 8:00-4:30
facilities service/maintenance staff 40 8 varies
dining services, health services, campus safety and the office for information technology 40 8 varies
administrative staff (exempt) 40 varies varies