Vacancy Review Policy & Procedure

Recruitment provides departments the opportunity to align staff skill sets to initiatives and goals. Proper planning and evaluation of the departmental needs will lead to hiring the right person for the role and team.

Below are the steps to (a) replace an open position or (b) restructure and replace an open position. New positions will be reviewed as part of the annual budget.

When a position becomes vacant it should be reviewed to determine whether it needs to be filled or if there are opportunities for redistribution and/or reorganization of the work. The hiring manager should carefully evaluate the following:

  • Tasks carried out by the previous employee
  • Needs not being met within the department
  • Tasks to be removed or added, if any of the work will be transferred within the department
  • Supervisory or lead responsibility
  • Budget responsibility (if any)
  • Work period and hours
  • Is there still a requirement for this role at all?

Authorization to recruit:

The hiring manager submits an initial request to the Assistant Director of Human Resources. The vacancy request should include an updated job description highlighting any proposed changes.

HR staff will conduct a job analysis examining and interpreting data about the job’s tasks and responsibilities to ensure proper classification. Job analysis includes a review of:

  • Knowledge, skills, and responsibilities
  • Essential functions
  • Required level of education
  • Work environment (e.g., hazards; attention; physical effort)
  • Evaluate how any proposed changes would impact internal equity
  • Establish salary range

Once the job analysis is finalized with the hiring manager, the Assistant Director of Human Resources will forward the request to the Vacancy Committee (Chief Human Resources Officer, Provost, and Vice President for Finance & Operations) for approval. The respective member of senior staff will be copied.

Certain facilities and dining services positions do not require approval from the Vacancy Committee if there is no change to the position. This includes Custodians, Lead Custodians, Dishwashers, Campus Recyclers, Prep & Services Attendants, Snack Bar Attendants, Cook’s Assistant, and Utility Worker (Dining).