New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

From the moment they get an offer letter through their first 6 months of employment, Human Resources strives to provide new employees and their managers with the resources they need to succeed.

The goals of the orientation and onboarding process are threefold:

  • Productivity: Help the employee get up and running smoothly and rapidly
  • Engagement: Help the employee feel happy with their decision to work at Williams, and excited about their future here.
  • Performance Development: Segue the new employee into Williams’ Performance Development program.

There are several components to the orientation and onboarding process at Williams:

  1. A new employee resource guide that covers the first 6 months of a Williams employee
  2. An Onboarding Resource Guide for Managers, providing managers with the resources and information they need to help the new employee make a successful transition to Williams.
  3. An initial orientation during the first three days of employment at which time employees learn about and enroll in their benefits, complete the necessary payroll forms, and learn how to receive their employee ID card and parking permit.
  4. A quarterly “Get Connected” program, in which employees are invited to learn more about Williams and what it means to work for a small, residential, liberal arts institution.