Office for Information Technology

For up to date information on services provided by the Office for Information Technology, please visit

The Williams College Office for Information Technology (OIT) supports the College’s mission of offering the best liberal arts education by helping faculty and students to develop effective uses for technology in teaching, learning, and research. OIT provides comprehensive, accessible and reliable information systems to sustain both administrative and academic endeavors. OIT promotes the sense of community by facilitating communication among all members of the College. Through the commitment to maintaining the highest technical standards in our information infrastructure and the dedication to making available the best information technology resources as well as instruction in how to use them, OIT enriches the College’s educational environment and helps to prepare students for life in the 21st century.

Employee Support

For continued excellence in research and in teaching, Williams has an information infrastructure consistent with its liberal arts mission and stature. Williams information technology supports the faculty in communicating knowledge to students and to the community of scholars. It supports their research and scholarly communication on local, regional, national, and international scales.

Please send any information technology questions to OIT at [email protected] or x4090. You can also visit the first floor of Jesup or the second floor of  Sawyer Library. OIT provides and regularly replaces a computer for your use. If you have questions about this or would like help purchasing additional computers and technology, please contact us.

For support with academic software, computer labs/classrooms, our learning management system – GLOW, course projects, and research technology support, please contact OIT’s Instructional Technology team at [email protected] or your department liaison. For help with classroom technology, call x2112.

Administrative Support

Administrative Information Systems provide the administrative community of Williams College with high quality, secure, accessible, and reliable information systems that enable the operational decision-making, planning, and analysis required to meet the institution’s standard of excellence. These systems provide services that are essential to the college community, including the administration of human resources functions (payroll and benefits), finance functions (accounting, budgets, accounts payable and receivable), and student functions (admissions, financial aid, records and billing). Students, faculty, and staff require the best possible training and support for learning about and using information technology. The Office for Information Technology plays a crucial role as a partner in supporting them.

Computing Ethics and Responsibilities

All members of the Williams community must follow the computing ethics and responsibilities.  

Computer and Technology Purchasing

To ensure that the technology you need for your work at the college will be compatible with Williams’ systems and networks, please consult with OIT staff.  We’re happy to help you and will also make sure you’re getting the best academic pricing. To get the process started, email [email protected].  

Software and System Acquisition Process

The Office for Information Technology is here to help you when new software is needed for the College.  We’ll consult and help make sure all the relevant parts of your request for support and funding are covered.  Here is how to start this required process.