ID Cards

Employees are required to obtain a Williams College ID card at no charge to the employee. Cards are authorized by Human Resources and issued by Campus Safety and Security. The ID card is encoded with information that allows employees access to various buildings as appropriate, borrowing privileges in the libraries, and access to athletic and cultural events on campus. Employee spouses and dependent children are also eligible to receive an ID at a cost of $15.  A dependent is defined as a natural, adopted or step child, a minor child in a family by  other custodial arrangement (ex., AFS student staying with a Williams family; a minor assigned to an employee’s care).  Dependents must be between the ages of 13 and when they turn 23, or when they turn 25 for full time students.

There is a $15 fee to replace a card.

Unmarried Partners

Unmarried partners who relocate to Williamstown with a faculty or administrative staff member are eligible for an ID Card that provides access to athletics and the library. For more information, contact the Spouse Partner Resources.