Retirement Plan Eligibility and Credited Service

All employees, other than students of the college who are enrolled and regularly attending classes at the College, are eligible to participate in the Plan.

Eligible Employees are eligible to make pre-tax contributions as of the date of employment with the College.  Until the employee satisfies the 1,000 hours of service requirement described below, any participant pre-tax contributions will not be matched.

For purposes of receiving College Core Contributions and College Matching Contributions, participation begins:

  • immediately following the one-year anniversary of an employee’s date of employment if he or she worked at least 1,000 hours during that period. (Faculty who teach at least 1/2 time are deemed to satisfy the 1,000-hour requirement.)
  • immediately upon hire following verified prior service at another educational institution. (This is defined as employment in a non-student capacity at any accredited college or university, so long as such employment was within the three-year period immediately preceding employment at the College.) Prior service must be verified by submitting the Service Credit Form to the Human Resources Office.

Otherwise, participation begins on the January 1 following any calendar year in which an employee satisfies the 1,000 hours requirement.

A Participant who terminates employment and is subsequently rehired by the College will be immediately eligible to participate in the Plan.