Dependent Tuition Grant

As part of the Williams College employee benefits package, eligible employees can receive tuition support for dependents to attend a college or university. The annual Tuition Grant amount available is up to one half of that year’s Williams’ tuition and can be used towards tuition costs and related fees only. The maximum Tuition Grant amount for 2022-2023 is currently at $30,725. 

The Williams College Dependent Tuition Grant Plan Summary

Dependent children of benefit eligible faculty and staff at Williams College who are enrolled in accredited undergraduate programs leading to an academic degree, are eligible for Tuition Grant funds to pay for tuition costs and related fees in an amount not to exceed one half of the annual tuition at Williams during the same academic year. The Tuition Grant is payable for a maximum of four years per dependent child.

The terms of the Dependent Tuition Grant are as follows:

  • The employee must be in a benefit eligible faculty or staff position, and must have completed five years of full-time service at Williams. Faculty members with appointments other than full-time should refer to the Faculty Handbook for eligibility.
  • The benefit covers children of retired, deceased, or disabled employees, subject to the five-year service requirement. If the spouse of a deceased employee remarries, the eligibility for the benefit will be reviewed.
  • In order for the child to be considered a dependent of the eligible employee, the child must meet the “qualifying child” criteria established by the IRS. The tests to determine dependency are explained in the IRS’ instructions for completing Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. The College reserves the right to request documentation of a child’s dependency at any time.
  • No more than four (4) dependents per eligible employee may use this benefit. If more than one parent is employed at Williams, only one parent will be eligible for the benefit.
  • The grant funds can only be applied to tuition costs plus related fees for any accredited undergraduate program leading to an academic degree. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid can affect the Tuition Grant amount the dependent receives. Please discuss all the financial support options ahead of time with the school your child is attending.
  • An itemized bill will be required each semester from all colleges and universities which must include the dependent’s name and ID (this includes both US and international schools).

The five-year service requirement begins from the employee’s original service date. If the service requirement is satisfied after the dependent has started a semester, the grant funds will be available at the start of the next semester.

New faculty and staff will be credited with years of service and be eligible for the Tuition Grant if the benefit program during their immediate previous college employment, offered a tuition payment program. The College will request verification of such a program by requiring a copy of the prior employer’s policy statement describing details of the benefit and eligibility criteria.

Each Spring, Human Resources will publish a Daily Message to remind employees of the Tuition Grant program. Employees should complete the Tuition Grant Request form as soon as the dependent knows which school they will be attending and an itemized bill becomes available. If your child is enrolled at Williams, please contact Megan Childers directly.

Tuition Grant checks are mailed directly to each college in August for the Fall semester and in December for the Spring semester. If an institution operates on a trimester schedule, the third payment is sent in March. The Bursar will be notified of dependent(s) attending Williams and the appropriate accounts will be credited.  

The employee must contact Megan Childers if they resign from Williams after the Tuition Grant payment has been made or if their eligible dependent decides either to take that semester or year off, or withdraw from the institution completely.  The college or university must send all refund checks directly to Human Resources for processing. 

The Tuition Grant is not considered taxable income for federal or state purposes. However, if there is a change in the tax laws, or a need to restructure the college’s benefit package for any reason, the nature and applicability of this benefit will be reviewed and, upon approval of the Board of Trustees, may be changed. The College cannot guarantee the after-tax value of the Tuition Grant. 

If you have questions about this benefit, please email Megan Childers, Benefits Specialist, or call (413) 597-4355.