Health Insurance Benefit

Options Available

Please refer to the Health Plan Summaries. Employees may elect either individual or family coverage.  Provider directories are available online at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts website or can be obtained from the Benefits Office.

This document does not provide a detailed description of the benefits offered under each health insurance option. The policies, certificates, and other material from the insurer that are separately provided to employees describe those benefits and include details on each option. Along with such material, provider lists or directories are supplied to employees at no charge.

Health Insurance Costs

Faculty, Administrative and Support Staff can conveniently pay for their share of the health insurance benefit on a pre-tax basis by payroll deduction. (see Pre-tax Premium Payment Plan).

Health, Dental and Vision Plan Costs is a comparison of health and dental costs for the most current year. The College continues to contribute approximately 75% of the average of the individual or family premiums weighted by participation, which results in the same College contribution for all employees choosing individual coverage and the same College contribution for all employees choosing family coverage. The College reserves the right to change, at any time, the percentage of its premium contribution.

Additional Health Insurance Information

Booklets containing more detail about each health plan’s benefits and premium information are available without cost in the Benefits Office or online at

Below is the address of each health plan insurer:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Landmark Center
401 Park Drive
Boston, MA 02215-3326