Dental Insurance Benefit

This is a self-insured plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and pays for dental care provided by a Dental Blue network of dentists, and by non-network dentists in Massachusetts and out-of-state. Usually employees pay lower out-of-pocket expenses when they use Dental Blue network dentists, and higher out-of-pocket expenses when they use non-network dentists. Also, network dentists will bill Dental Blue for the patient. The patient generally will be required to file a claim for care provided by a non-network dentist.

There are maximum amounts that Dental Blue will pay for each specific dental service. The amounts are based on reasonable and customary charges by area dentists. Network dentists have agreed their charges will not exceed the Dental Blue maximums. However, depending on the service provided, payment by Dental Blue may be subject to deductibles and coinsurance. The maximum annual benefit for each covered person under this plan is $2,000. Visit the HR website for the Dental Plan Summary.

When a dependent child marries or turns 23, coverage under his or her parent’s family membership ends. A disabled child over age 23 may qualify for continued coverage under a family membership.

Dental Insurance Costs

Faculty, Administrative and Support Staff can conveniently pay for their share of the health insurance benefit on a pre-tax basis by payroll deduction. (see Pre-tax Premium Payment Plan).

Health, Dental and Vision Plan Cost shows the costs for the most current year. The College pays 75% of the Dental Blue full individual or family premium; the employee pays 25%. The College reserves the right to change at any time the amount it will pay for the dental benefit.